Ten Benefits of Jojoba Oil

Argan Oil for Beautiful Hair

Beautiful Hair

Jojoba oil not only protects your hair from the damaging effects of heat, sunlight and chemical processing, it also rejuvenates and repairs damaged hairs with essential fatty acids. Hair grows stronger, thicker and healthier when the vitamins and fatty acids in the jojoba oil bonds to the hair shaft to help seal the hair, from the damaging elements.

Naturally, the stronger and healthier your hair becomes, the shinier and softer it will feel. Dull, dry hair with broken and split ends are repaired through the infusion of the oil’s vitamins and other essential nutrients.

Skin Moisturizer as a Skin Moisturizer

Moisturizes Skin

Jojoba oil hydrates dry, flaky skin with deep penetrating fatty acids and nourishing vitamins that helps to keep skin feeling soft and smooth. Since jojoba oil is a natural, organic product very similar to sebum, the skin’s natural oil, it will not clog pores or leave your face feeling greasy.

Not only do the fatty acids in jojoba oil treat dry skin, it also helps to repair the collagen matrix that is important in keeping your face supple and firm. This will over time help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

argan oil anti aging


High in vitamin E, jojoba oil acts as an effective moisturizer, that gives skin a youthful glow while reducing the visibility of wrinkles. Its anti-oxidant effect makes jojoba oil the ideal anti-aging product by helping to neutralize free radical damage caused by environmental pollutants. It restores elasticity and leaves skin feeling plump and soft.



Nail Treatment

After years of manicures and pedicures, the nails can become dry from the chemicals used in nail polish. The dryness of nails often lead to breaking and cracking. Jojoba oil can help to moisturize and protect the nails, as well as the cuticles. A few drops of oil a day helps to keep the nails strong and healthy.


Argan oil treats acne

Acne Treatment

Since jojoba oil regulates the production of sebum, which causes acne, its use can help reduce further breakouts. Because it is very similar to sebum, it does not clog pores and will even help to clean out build-up of dead skin cells around pores that lead to acne. The vitamin E present in the oil contains anti-oxidants that help remove damaged cells and help new ones grow, therefore fading acne scars.



Lip Moisturizer

In cold or dry weather, lips can easily become dry and chapped. Jojoba oil is an effective moisturizer to seal in moisture and keep lips soft and plump. Simply apply one drop to finger, rub onto lips and wipe off excess.



Healing and Protecting

Jojoba oil has triterpenoids that can help heal and protect skin. You can use this oil for healing old and new scars; reduce skin inflammatory conditions like eczema and psoriasis and common skin conditions like pimples and acne. It has been noted that regular use of jojoba oil will help reduce skin blemishes and can deal with ugly acne and pimple marks.

Applying a layer of jojoba oil to your skin protects it from the harmful rays of the sun as well as keep pollution, toxins and microorganisms out.




Jojoba oil used as a conditioner will help to eliminate dandruff. Often times, dandruff is caused by a dry scalp. Using jojoba oil helps to moisturize the scalp, thereby preventing dandruff. Simply, massage the oil into your head half an hour before washing your hair. Afterwards, shampoo as usual.

It is the extensive dryness of the scalp that leads to dandruff. Regular use of jojoba oil helps to moisturize the scalp without leaving any residue.



Stretch Marks

Jojoba oil restores the elasticity of the skin, so it is a good idea to use it regularly during pregnancy to preempt stretch marks. But if you did not use jojoba oil while you were pregnant and now have stretch marks; it is not too late! You can still massage it regularly to make your stretch marks disappear slowly.




Most people forget to exfoliate but this can lead to aged and wrinkled skin. Use a few drops of jojoba oil, emulsify with water, massage face using a muslin cloth then rinse well with clean water. This is a gentle way of exfoliating – you can do this once a week.


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